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  Water Treatment Plants  
  We are Pleased to Introduce Various Types of Water Treatment Plants  
Filters & Activated Carbon Filter : Activated carbon filter is to remove all the organic impurities, odour, etc. from the water.

Uses: Removal of Organic matter from Water, Dechlorination of Water for Industries, Drinking Water Application, etc.

Purifier : Water purifiers for removal of microiological and colloidal matters for Drinking Water.

Uses :
Home, Office, Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurant, Club, Bank, Schools Etc.
Softener : Water Softener is a softening & filtering medium which removes calcium, magnesium and Iron, which cause produce hardness in the Water.

Uses : Domestic, Factories, Chemicals, Textile Industries, oiler, Cooling Water, Laundries, Hotel, Hospital, Swimming Pool.

R.O. Plant : Reverse osmosis plant that can convert saltish water/hard water, tap water or any other source of water into pure & safe drinking water, like mineral water.

Uses: Drinking Water For Home, office, School, Bank, Club, Hotel, Restaurant, Restaurant, Hospital, Mineral Water Industries, Dialysis Plants, Soda Water Plants, etc.

Mineral Water Plant : Mineral water plant that can convert hard water or any other source of water into safe and pure mineral water.

Uses : Use of Drinking purose.
Rain Water Harvesting : Rooftop rain water harvesting is a simple econonmical and eco-friendly technique of preserving every drop of water by guiding the rain water that fall on rooftop through small diameter pipes to borewell, pits and well.
  Dialysis Support System : Ultra pure water for human dialysis purposes and other industrial uses.  
Industrial Waste & Sewage Treatment Plant : Effluent and sewage treatment plant, meeting all statutory requirement of state & central pollution control Boards.
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